Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and bank Levy


Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney and Bankruptcy protection from Bank Levy.

Many Los Angeles Bankruptcy clients call our office and inquire about stopping pending bank levy. Once a bankruptcy case has been filed, an automatic stay goes into effect. The automatic stay is a provision in Federal bankruptcy law that protects Debtors from creditor collection attempts like bank levies.

The timing of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is very important. If a case is filed correctly and in a timely manner, a Debtor can potentially avoid a bank levy. Our office prides itself being an Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney assisting local Los Angeles Debtors.

If you are facing collection attempts, it is very important to contact a reputable bankruptcy attorney. If assistance is obtained in a timely fashion, a bank levy can be avoided. Keep in mind, that not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. In order to stop collection attempts, a bankruptcy attorney must determine if you are eligible to commence a bankruptcy case. Eligibility requirements vary and depends on your income and household side. It also depends on if your assets can be protected based on California bankruptcy exemptions.

During the consultation, we will advise you what documents you need. Some of the documents that are required are last six months of pay stubs, last 2 years of tax returns, and any lawsuits you may have.

Many Bankruptcy clients receive a bank levy notice, however they ignore the notice. Taking quick and swift action by contacting a reputable bankruptcy lawyer who serves the Encino, Van Nuys, and Greater Los Angeles area to assist you.

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