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Debt Settlement Attorney



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If you are facing financial problems and are having a hard time paying your liabilities on time, it maybe time to consult with an experienced attorney. Sometimes Bankruptcy may not be an option. As attorneys we can evaluate your specific scenario and give you the best legal advice on what the best settlement options may be available for you. Debt settlement can be a daunting task and hiring an experienced debt settlement attorney is important. Attorney Navid Kohan has dedicated his practice to helping Los Angeles residence becoming debt free. 

There are advantages and also disadvantages of settling debts. At your initial consultation, attorney Navid Kohan will do a comprehensive evaluation on all your liabilities and assets and determine the best option for your case.

Many people think that settling debts is a better alternative to filing bankruptcy. This maybe an incorrect notion for various reasons. Settling debts may have tax consequences where discharged debts in a bankruptcy case do not. Also, debt settlement or a debt management plan may require a debtor to have substantial money, paying a lump sum to settle the debts or paying large monthly payments to satisfy a debt in a debt management plan.

The Debt settlement process can at times be a long and lengthy process. How long it takes to settle with a specific creditor depends on various factors and maybe difficult to ascertain. All these factors and possibilities can be discussed at the initial meeting with attorney Navid Kohan.
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